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Sylve Description:

Slyve LogoForm instant chat groups with Slyve! Slyve allows users to create chat groups wherever Wi-Fi or GPS services are available. Spawn an instant chat group at the local coffee shop, airport terminal, college campus or sporting event. Slyve allows you to come together and chat like never before. A Slyve chat lets you discuss any common interest from music to celebrity news to sports in real-time. Slyve operates as a secondary emergency alert communication system. TRY IT NOW...Slyve, the app that closes the gap!

New to Slyve!

Slyve can now operate in the background on your Smartphone, which means you can continue multi-tasking as the App runs. Also, don’t worry about missing a text from your phone...Slyve’s got you covered! Slyve can now show incoming text messages while in a Slyve chat.

Operating instructions:

SLYVEOnce you’ve downloaded the app, select the sign-up button on the main page to create an account allowing for usability within the Slyve domain. After account creation, you are ready to log in and select a communication type (e.g. Wi-Fi or GPS). If Wi-Fi services are available and operational, you may select Wi-Fi. Select a Wi-Fi service and follow the prompts to select a communication range. The communication range specified under Wi-Fi covers from 5 ft. to 100 ft. Slyve will automatically advance to the online user’s screen upon selection of a communication range. On this screen you will see all users logged in and available for chat. Slyve automatically sets your status to available upon logging in; however; you have the option to change this setting. To change the setting, locate and touch the green dot next to your username. Next, launch of a menu option wheel at the bottom of the window allows for a status change to include available, invisible, idle, and busy. Listed below is a detailed explanation of these status changes. To refresh the screen and status of all available users, select the circular arrows (top right). This will give a fresh update of all users logged in and their status. To add a user or users to a chat session. Locate the plus sign, upper right side of the chat screen (illustrated with multiple users in a box). Selecting this box will redirect you back to the available users’ screen where interested and available users can be added to the chat session.

GPS Access:

Logging in via GPS is an alternative to logging in via Wi-Fi. The operating range for GPS is currently set to approximately one mile. If Wi-Fi services are unavailable, GPS is a secondary option.

Status Settings:

Available: Sets your status to available and interested in chat activity.

Idle: Sets your status as idle…not necessarily interested and not necessarily uninterested in chat activity.

Busy: Sets your status to busy, lets users know that you’re interested but otherwise occupied while maintaining your log-in status.

Invisible: Invisible sets your status to invisible, essentially allowing you to observe chat activity without being visible or recognized in any other status setting.

Privacy Statement:

All user account data and personal information are important to us and is held and protected with the utmost security standards. Personal user data are maintained through a commercially secure third-party environment. We use commercially reasonable efforts to store and maintain the personal data of all users and have implemented commercially reasonable procedures to protect and limit unauthorized access to your personal user log-in credentials and related data. In no way does Sqwarebiz authorize or release user data for the purpose of personal gain or solicitation. We are not in the business of selling or redistributing user data for any reason and retain user data solely for the purpose of user operation and functionality. User email address data are retained for the purpose of assisting with forgotten passwords only, not for solicitation or distribution. Again, Sqwarebiz has absolutely no interest in redistributing user data for any personal gain, only for password management and optimal user operation interests.

Terms and conditions:

Slyve is intended for entertainment purposes only and not a mechanism for illicit, unscrupulous or like behavior. Sqwarebiz shall not be held liable or responsible for such behavior and deems it necessary to preclude the conditions and possibility of such behavior. In no way does Sqwarebiz support the use of Slyve in a manner that would misrepresent or compromise the integrity of Slyve and such behavior undermines the premise and full intent of Slyve. In no way does Sqwarebiz promote or condone activities deemed misguided or illegal. Activities and behavior considered suspicious are not conducive to best practices of Sqwarebiz or Slyve’s intended purpose. Users found to be noncompliant with policies put forth by Sqwarebiz will be reported to the proper authorities and account terminated.


Currently, Slyve is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod 4, iPad and the iPad2.